Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Ops baby...

I'm so guilty that I have not post anything for close to 2 months! Seriously very, very, extremely busy. During my free days, I'll just want to be alone, doing my own stuffs, crafting, swimming, cycling, cooking.

Let's see what have I achieved these 2 months.

- Chinese new year celebrations
- my dear cute cousin's birthday (bring the 2 gals to Illuma, Empire State. Ordered the super big burger as her birthday cake. Her expression is beyond words can described when she saw the waitress serve her 'cake')
- my long awaited family portrait with 3 of us in graduation gowns
- my daddy's lunar 60th birthday
- started my 8 lessons of ceramic class
- went Bangkok with my elder sister and came back with 69.6kg check-in luggage
- started my 1st driving practical and really had fun. Definitely looking forward to more sessions (though sometimes I really feel my hands are like my legs and vice versa. hahaha)

What's coming up next for April? That's the long planned family trip to Zhang Jia Jie, Xiamen. Finally, we get to travel together, all 6 of us. I'm really looking forward... Meanwhile I'm trying hard to consolidate and update my PassionQuirks blog. Same as for this blog.

I'll be back with photos.

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