Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Year 2011

Goodbye 2010 and Embrace 2011...

Today's the 4th day of 2011. Hope I'm not too late in writing my blog.

Let's start with closing of 2010 which I had wanted to write but procastinated... AGAIN.. (what's new anyway :D)

Let's see...what have I achieved in 2010. Hopefully didn't miss anything out
- got my 5th year service award with my current company
- graduate from the god damn school
- travel wise, went Korea, Sydney, Melaka, Bintan
- went back voluntary work, although just 1 for this year but a good start
- hubby bought me a bicycle, we started cycling
- our 1st year anniversary
- started my 1st online small business to customise scrapbook stuffs
- started a blog for my online small business
- bought myself a 18-135mm lens

Gosh.. seriously nothing fantastic for me.. Is my life really so boring? I think I need a more exciting life.. let's see what I can set as target for myself in 2011.

Here are what I wish I can achieve in 2011
- take my basic theory test
- start my driving practical and target for a license
- furnish up my blog with all entries (wedding and accessories up too)
- start facebook account for online store
- ROLLOUT the whole passionquirks and try the whole passion, crafty business out
- travel wise, to US with hubby and China with family?
- find a new job, something I can earn more $ to justify for my degree IF my current job STILL show no mercy to my remuneration package
- a MAJOR one, make a baby? :D

Well, those are my resolutions. Hopefully I can achieve them. Good luck to all who set resolutions too. Let's work towards our goal and look forward to a good year!

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