Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Something to spice my life up

Finally...something to spice my life up! Wohoo~

Today is 11 Jan 2011, in short, a very nice 11/01/11. Guess what? I finally enrol in CDC for my Class 3 course on this special date!

I'm really looking forward to the different stages of the course. Just finished booking online the etrial tests for basic theory test.

31 Jan / 5 Feb / 9 Feb / 15 Feb will be the etrial tests at classroom. Will be taking the basic theory test on 16 Feb. Wohoo~ how exciting is that.

I'm short of the coursebook, 8th edition now. So I'll use my 7th edition for the time being to do some studying. Will call up the school in approx. 2 weeks time to go down collect the actual copy. After all the basic theory tests then I'll go ahead to book the practical lessons. I'm actually ultra excited over this whole thing. Wish me luck.

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