Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Mid Week Wed SUX!

Life sux with a mad dog aka pea brainer keep biting. Wonder is life too easy for him back there in Leuven where he has got nothing better to do? Picking bones from egg is his forte? Totally spoil my day… I’m looking forward to a peaceful Wednesday and finish up my pile of work. YET… a mail like that irks me out totally! Kauz…

On the other hand.. I’m really happy for my both my friends. Another couple going to have a bundle of joy next year. YEAH~ *clapping hands*

I don’t care who are the audiences reading my blog now. But my intention is clear for quite a few people in my office. Get my bonus, get my deserved increment and open my eyes big big to find new job. I must not procastinate further… I must get my online store blog up, facebook account created and up my biz. Being a procastinator don’t pay… instead, you have to pay for being one. GAMBATTE! I believe I can do it. For the sake of my future : )