Tuesday, December 21, 2010


It's gonna be Christmas in another 4 days. Are you excited?

I havn't been updating my blog for so long. Let's see how to summarise the meaningful events lately.

- I've finally graduated from my degree after so many torturing years.
- I've finally went to the Build A Bear Workshop and Missy is born on 21 Nov 2010.
- I've finally visited Downtown East chalet and had a nice bbq session
- I've finally started taking orders for my craftings.
- I've finally started a blog passionquirks.blogspot.com
- I've finally attended Wild Wild West (my division's year end party) with no luck in lucky draw again
- I've finally arranged for a Melaka trip with my old time pals.
- I've finally attended Kampong Night (overall company's year end party) with again no luck in lucky draw.
- I've finally visited Bintan.
- I've finally finished my Christmas shopping and wrapped them up nicely.
- I've finally bought myself a watch.
- I've finally cleared my annual leaves, bringing 8+2 days over to 2011.
- I've finally get to attend a closer kin's wedding! We're going Sheraton for her solemnization and dinner on Boxing Day.

Ok.. so much for now, I'll update with photos soon. I have quite a fair bit to share :)

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