Thursday, September 09, 2010


Marching into the last quarter of 2010. It's September! Another 3 months, we'll hit December and welcome 2011.

Attended 2 classes at Laines in August. 2 very different styled class by different designers. Sharon Ong is famous for her brown and highly distressed techniques, while Jaz Lee is famous for her detailed cutting skills and tons of layerings. I'm really impressed by both creative minds, their overwhelming with techniques products.

Been in scrapping mood and managed to whip up a few cards and a notebook for my sister.

This is the notebook I scrapped for my sister's birthday.

On personal note, I realise I'm not happy at all these few months. Getting too much rubbish lately from people, making the usual happy-go-lucky me lose most of my joyous self and carefree personality.

Well, this is my blog, I do believe I have my very own freedom to voice out my own personal opinion, in my own blog. No intention to mean any offence to anyone, just want to vex my frustrations. No names will be mentioned to prevent more troubles.

People who are not appreciative. It really makes me feel 'it doesn't pay to be kind'. Things I've done out of goodwill seems to appear either busybody or mind your own biz, don't come bother me kind of interpretation. Sighh I totally don't deserve this treatment. Sorry but I've learnt my lessons after 2 times of wall banging. I'll mind my own biz and avoid You whenever necessary. Don't expect me to be nice anymore. I did nothing wrong to buy things to pamper people...I'm not wrong either to warn You of mishaps that might happen. If being hostile is what You are good in, I can tell You I'm no better. I just have the choice to or not to be hostile towards You. Conclusion reached by myself, to draw a clear line between us. That's a protection line I'll draw for myself, to protect myself from future blows from You. Don't come showing me Your hostility, I don't buy that and I Promise I'll snapped at You the very next time you give me rubbish again. If nobody dare to tell You off, it doesn't mean I don't too. I believe in doing the logical things at the logical time. If You need people to wake You up from Your idea, I will, if nobody dares/wants to.

Next, don't expect me to change my lifestyle to suit anyone. I'm brought up in this manner. I have my own views and thinkings. I know what's right, what's wrong, what's logical and what's not. I don't have to show to the whole world what I've done to prove I'm someone good. I don't curry favor and stuck up to people when I know that certain person is In wrong. I'll only avoid. If that's still not good enough, I don't know what else I can do. My upbringing is so and I will remain so.

Grumblings help me vex frustrations. Learn to listen because it's because of the change of lifestyle that I'm forced to face all these. I'm NOT obliged to accept rubbish. I don't lose temper over nothing. Things happened for certain reasons.