Monday, June 15, 2009

This post is for 14th June 2009

Time really flies this time round for 2009… Half a year past… in fact its half a month of half a year gone!

Today is 14th June… Ahhh my aunt’s bday…Shall give her a sms once I touch down Singapore. I’m on plane now, flying back from Shanghai to Singapore. Was at Shanghai for the past week. I would say it’s really a great experience for me, to be outstation overseas. Thanks to Mr J for the opportunity to explore overseas. Personally, I would feel an outstation trip certainly can make me feel ‘its huge responsibility’… reason? It seems like the whole chunk of teammates can just depend on you to close off issues and bring good news back. Wohoo I finally experienced this… and I would say GREAT! I finally know what’s WORK..  I enjoyed the trip, except for the absolute boredom to walk and eat dinner alone. Its horrigible I tell you..hehe ok, maybe its because Missy Me is too used to having people travelling together, so being alone is a torture to me. Luckily my dear hubby actually took 2 days off his work, and claimed his Krisflyer points to accompany me.

Tons of eating and shopping this trip. Shop for? MYSELF! Haha… I bought quite a fair bit of clothings… all from UNIQLO! Uniqlo’s collections totally suits me. I like comfy materials with simple cuttings. That explains huh? :) Didn’t go much of the tourist attractions except for Yu Yuan, Nanjing Road, People’s Sq. Too little time and too much shopping to do :p Nvm…anyway both of us agreed that it’ll be the 1st and last(perhaps for next 10 years) that we’re going to visit Shanghai again. Nothing much anyway….

Ok shall update again…Lappy going low battery soon… time to go KO on plane….

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