Monday, April 06, 2009

What a long Monday...

As usual, Mondays are usually long and moody. Mine ain't any exceptional. To add on, I'm dead beat today!

This weekend passed really very fast for me. Night class on Friday night, followed by a gossipy session with my buddy at Dempsey Wine Company. Had full Saturday class til 4pm then meet my hubby and friends for dinner and movie (Shinjuku Incident). Went back home and packed, paint my toe nails then I finally KO in the cosy bed. Next moment, alarm rang and its Sunday!

Had my wedding photoshoot yesterday. Very tiring yet really a great experience. Vincent, the photographer with Bridal Zone and his assistant Jennifer really make our day great. Had indoor shoots (family + couple shots) til 4pm then we head out for our outdoor shots with drizzles all the way til evening. Seen shots of couples running in suit and gown in the middle of Shenton Way before? We might not be the first but its definitely first try for both of us. Interesting experience. Next location would be Botanical Gardens. Lots of yummy greens and RAINDROPS! Hope the waterfall shots will turn out nice cos those shots got my gown ALL WET from knee down. :p FUN is the word! Finally to Esplanade for the night shots. Took some shots outside Victoria Concert Hall since the sun have not set. Then waited along the river opposite Fullerton Hotel til sky starts to dim down. Fantastic view I would say. Last one to Esplanade for our final night shots. Like the dark blue sky's effect.

Overall, I'm really overjoyed with the great experience. And we both look forward to photo viewing on Vesak Day :)

Oh ya... I won a RAK! From Deb, Maya Road. Wohooo! Thanks sooo much!

Ok, back to mugging in office with my school laboratory works. Til my next update folks, perhaps a sneak of some shots of ME, ur highness during photoshoot makeup session. Hehehe..

Til my next post...Ciaozzz

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