Tuesday, April 28, 2009

28th April...It's MY day...

Yup.. 28th April is my birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Missy Me, Myself! ^_^ Special this year. Turning 28 on day 28th... Real thankful for the wonderful bunch of friends who left wishes on facebook, sent me sms and even call me to wish me a great birthday. Tons of hugs and flying smoochies for all of you!!!

Hmmmm nothing fantastic for my special day. Took half day afternoon leave, went out with my hubby. Went Kallang to print inserts for our wedding cards then off to Tampines 1 for lunch at Mankuru, did some shopping and off to Ikea and off to Punggol Dr to see our future home then back home. Though nothing interesting, I'm still thankful for my dear hubby who took time off his busy workday to entertain his wifey.

Ok, shall be a short post today. Will update with some piggy photos tomorrow. I'm tired BUT I'm off to do up some of my lab assignments. Ciaoz

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