Sunday, March 01, 2009

Flying into March 2009

Ladies and gentlemen. I bet most of you agree with me that time really flies this year. Guess what? It's already MARCH! We've already marched into the 1st quarter of 2009! Hmmm what have I done for these 2 months? Eat, sleep, play, plan... Suddenly got the urge to go clubbing, pubbing. I need to relieve some 'inner stress' that I have no idea when ever I accumulated them. Sometimes I just feel suffocated for no good reason. Haiz... never mind! Its part of life I guess. I need to learn to RELAX MORE... *breathe in...breathe out...*

Not a very relax week for me but definitely a fun one. I've been playing online games on normal weekdays til wee hours! Got me so tired that I'll try to nap during lunch hour. Hehe.. Went Wala Wala on Thurday with my colleague and I realise I can really click with these few of them that GOSH...I actually joined in to crack yellow jokes with them! Haha I don't understand why I can do that also, maybe I'm really getting comfortable to them, their character that I open up more to them too. Its good la I would say :)

Had scrapbook class at Laines on Friday evening. I enjoyed the class. Messing around with mediums...creating collages. And THAT'S MY STYLE! A messy Miss Lydia! Sad to say, I have not finished my project. Still have more to go before I can sew it up to be my canvas tool bag! Sample can be found on Sharon Ong's blog. She's really a genius in crafting, I SALUATE her passion towards art! Supposed to go for pool session with my colleague after class but too bad, full house. Perhaps next time.

Saturday... Went Amara to collect wedding invitation cards and confirm food trial menu. Talked with my coordinator who will leave her current post for another hotel. I sincerely wish her all the best in her new challenge in life and certainly she'll find it worthwhile to give herself a chance to explore further. Trained home to put the cards and bus to Parkway. Shopped for some lingerie and had dinner and bus back home. Nothing much after that :)

Sunday... Woke up to have telco with my Uni supervisor over my FYP. Then dozed off on sofa. Went for my colleague's ROM at Amara. Dozed off for an hour once I reach home. I'm tired cos I took medicine for my slight flu lor. Guess I got it last night from the constant heavy rain since evening. Soooo now I'm going off to my cozy bed already. Good night folks!

The most recent zi lian photo taken on Saturday before I went out.

Oh ya..almost forget to share this nice shot I took using my hp. I left office that evening and find this nice nice rainbow right outside office! Nice ya? I LOVE RAINBOW!!!

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