Friday, March 27, 2009

Bad blogger

Sorry for being such bad blogger lately. No time to sit down and slowly think through what to update as I havn't been scrapping lately. I'm taking a module currently til end of April. So please bear with me for lack of scrapping. Need to spare my time for my wedding preps instead of scrapping :)

Anyway I've chosen my day and night wedding gowns. Ain't going to post any photos else it won't be any surprise anymore. 2 of my colleagues saw them and did give some comments. I can only say I'm glad I went down for a 2nd trial :p

Oh ya, bought 3 wine samples from my friend. Guess 1 of these might be our wine for the banquet.

Collected my MTO nails from Sq 2 also today. Here you go. I'll make another pair for my AD wedding in September.

I'm soooo looking forward to my weekend. Bed hunting and gathering at friend's house on Sat. R&R and lab day and also attend a 21st birthday celebration at Pasir Ris on Sun. Now set me thinking if I should go down Dragonfly, St James to collect my Alan Kuo's album hamper and a pair of tickets! Hehe won the contest! :D

Ok, end my post here...Folks, have a nice nice weekend.

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