Friday, February 13, 2009

Oh my GOSH...

Oh my GOSH....hahaha...seriously I can’t imagine myself being featured on such GIGANTIC poster! Sometime back, my col ask for help to pose for few shots with a new product not launch in market yet. So I pose some happy and frustated faces. Goodness! I really have no idea its going to be for a EUROPE exhibition. Thank goodness not for Singapore lor… wahahaha… I have not seen all the posters, they’re flown back at the experience showroom area. Perhaps later when all go for lunch, I shall go take some shots and keep...and perhaps SCRAP about it :D

Going for my short weekend getaway at Batam. Hopefully will be fun. Gosh… my fats gonna be exposed after so long of hibernation… wahahaha!

Til my next update folks. Oh ya… HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY to all lovely couples and wonderful friends out there! *huggiessss and smoochieessss*

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