Sunday, February 22, 2009

A lazy and scrappy Sunday

Long time since I last slept close to 12 hours and YESH! I did just that today. I think I'm really exhausted lately. I KO-ed 11+ hours. Finally awake close to 1pm today! A round of applause for Miss Lydia who have not sleep for such long hours for a long long time! Haha

So what I did for the whole day? Let me recall. I wake up, on tv, snacked (I snacked because nobody's at home, so no home cooked food). Then finally get my butt to my studyroom and start packing abit, to give way for a more spacious spot for me to do my scrapping. The output from whole of today are posted below. 2 layouts and 1 frame.

'Specky Miss Lydia'

Kaiser craft's photo frame. Quote 'a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step'.

'Dear Santa,'

Had a family celebration for my daddy yesterday. His birthday is coming up on Thur and my 2nd sister is on work trip to Osaka, so we dine at home last night with ALL my mummy's wonderful cooking and my daddy's favourite herbal duck from Dian Xiao Er. See the spread...enough for 10-20 people right? Haha that's what I told my mummy :p

Oh ya. I've done up a ching chiong, china layout sometime back and I just took a more decent photo with my handphone. Here you go.


christyzee said...

very cute blog!

Wei Sian said...

Yo! The flower bloom bloom place is at one of NTU's canteen when I go for breakfast