Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Tiny little details

Finally getting all started on wedding preparation. First step out to find photographer and videographer ain’t easy at all. Hubby and me had quite hardtime shortlisting the ‘reputable’ and right-priced ones. Made a few appointment to go view their portfolios. Hopefully can make our confirmation soon. 26 Sept 2009 is getting me worried since it’s a HOT date, many services were taken up already. I pray Coffee and Tea still have slot for me :p

Am I a kiasu bride-to-be? I guess I am…Maybe not totally but measurably is. I’ve listed out my To-Do list for wedding preparations and WAH SEH… the list is now running at item nnumber 40! Haha.. aloh huh? Those are all written as and when I thought of something. From choosing banquet, photographers to buying items for Guo Da Li to fixing appointments for mani+pedi to even buying of presents for our helpers. I just want to make sure I don’t miss out on any single details. I guess my list will go on longer and longer. Gheeseeee… Isn’t it scary?

9 more months to actual wedding. Let me do some rough estimations on the timeline I have and my targets on these tiny little details.. :p AM I KIASU? Wahahaha…

Jan Feb Mar
Source for PG, VG
Guest List
Gown fitting
Wrist corsages, ang pow boxes, guestbook
Dates for Guo Da Li (end of lunar 6th month), An Chuan (beginning lunar 8th month)
Find renovator

Mar Apr May
Apr – Qing Ming (not sure when yet, need to ask mummy)
Find cake shop
Invitation card printing
Final fitting
2 march in songs
Childhood montage
Bed sourcing

June July Aug
Aug 20 – Sept 18 (lunar 7th month)
Guo Da Li (end of lunar 6th month)
Give cakes, invitation cards
Choose PS photos
Food tasting
Draft speeches
RSVP guests
Finalise table arrangement
Source for wine, liquor
Confirm bros, sis, cars
Renovation done

Sept 19 (start of lunar 8th month)
An Chuan (beginning lunar 8th month)
Helpers briefing
Gown collection
Red packets preparation
Packing of stuffs to bring
Tie car deco

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