Monday, December 15, 2008

Monday is always so BLUE

Monday is always so blue. Raining somemore, so nice to sleep in my cosy bed at home. *YAWNZ*

I’ve not been a good scrapper lately. No scrapping going on. Because? NO TIME…TIME NOT ENOUGH… I wish at times I can just take leaves and rot at home and scrap to my heart’s content.  Been stocking up because of Christmas promos at LSS. Bought quite fair bits of stuffs I like. Waiting for heatgun and paper trimmer to be in stock. Those are in my wishlist for this year’s present. Initially it was a Big Shot in mind and nice hubby actually say OK to it. But after some self reflections, I dropped the idea of owning it as I really cannot 101% justify the cost of the machine, plus the investment I need to dump in after I buy the machine? Hmmm must curb my spending, next year is a tough one.. Maybe the year after too? God bless all of us….

Shocking Philips retrenchment hit Singapore news and my friends start to sms and ask if I’m affected. Greatly touched by such nice gestures that they care in a way or another. It didn’t hit my division this time round and we all hope (keeping our fingers crossed) that it will never hit us. Hope our business will prosperous 

Went for D&D last Friday night at SAF Yacht Club, Gallery by the Straits. Was deeply attracted by the seaview and saw the daylight turned to night. Nice scenery. Food was great but I didn’t eat much. Maybe I was too hungry til I have no appetite. 2 of my colleagues ran after me with color hairspray and being me, of cos I’ll do justice and have my revenge! Haha.. I too, went after them and PPPSsssiiiiii~~~ went my spray on their heads… hahaaha… COOL! Ain’t I glad I’m that artistic? Haha. Won myself a 80bucks NTUC voucher and got myself sabotaged by my colleague for games. Managed to get myself free from 2nd half event and that’s a big YESH! Haha..

Came back office to work on Saturday. DAMN IT! I HATE THE CENTRALISED LIGHTINGS AND AIRCON! Scare me few times lor when it auto trip off after 1hr. Irritating! Met my hubby and friends for dinner then back home to watch my recorded show and KO..

Supposed to wake up at 7am to go for our morning exercise but heaven is playing tricks on us. It rained the whole Sunday. Ended up sleeping under the cosy bed til 9. Haha.. Went to his cousin’s daughter’s full month party. Many aunts, uncles and cousins around. After that..hmmm went Central to walk around, went Liang Court to walk around and trained back home.

That’s my whole weekend. AGAIN…without scrapping. :p I shall bring my scrap stuffs to Batam this week and do something at night. NO TIME NO TIME!

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Wei Sian said...

Aiya, time is never enough...prioritise.