Monday, December 01, 2008

Last month of the year

We have come so far til December 2008 now. Fast isn't it? 24 more days to Christmas, have you done your Christmas shopping yet? Well I have not officially get done with all. Still abit more to go. As usual, I'll be spending my Christmas with my newly promoted HUBBY and his friends. We have been celebrating together for the past 8 years! Really amazing that this has come so far. And of cos I wish for longer and more chances to spend Christmas together. :) Ah... a slight difference for this year is: My family will be joining us for this year. I guess I'll be the happiest girl this Christmas as I have ALL my best loved people with me that day.

I have been scrapping but just not posting. Done up 2 mini albums and finished up the canvas class by Laines. Tiring but satisfying! I love the canvas class to bitsss... Will be definitely hunting around for canvas to make my very own transfers.. Perhaps IF, IF time permits, this shall be my Christmas pressies to both my sisters. I enjoy making handfelt gifts nowadays, just that worrying people don't appreciate my effort. :p

Ok end here. Time to go for my short nap to fight my afternoon's battle at work. Adios!

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