Sunday, October 19, 2008


Wohoo! I'm loving this! Haha...Such colorful layout is rare from me ya? Don't know why the instinct to do up such colorful layout also. Maybe because the photo is too cheeky? And also maybe I just want to try out MESSY layout?

Anyway, never mind long as the output is nice! Who care about WHY I want do colorful layout? Right? Hahaha

This weekend passed fast. Well, all weekend pass fast... And that's sad because I'm starting to feel the MONDAY BLUES slowly coming its way to find me. :D Done up a few pending stuffs for my ROM. Now left just a few more to go. Target: Wed finish all!

Hopefully my cough go off soon. Its always hard for me to recover from a cough whenever I get one and thats irritating especially when you just want to have fun! Go go go AWAY stupid virus.....

Oh ya, today is my dear friend's MQ's birthday. Of cos I didn't forget that. In fact I sms her 12am on 19 Oct. AND...aint I glad to be the 1st one to sms her. Hehe...Wish her all the best in life, in health, in studies, in everything! *huggies* *smoochies* And ya ya...THANKS for that greeting in site. You bet, for sure next time, I'll ask my kid to call you GOD-MA! Get ready your ANG POW! Hahaha...

Ok time to go pack up and go KO. Must get ready for Monday :)

Have a great week ahead folks!

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