Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Tues..3 more days to weekend

Its already Tuesday. That will mean 3 more days to weekend. Nothing special these 2 days. Just work and home. Scrapping also on-going and I've finished my long waited family album (yet to take photos, will post once I take photos). Done up a simple layout earlier on. This time is a recent photo of my cousins and me :) Photo taken during CNY this year. Have another photo to scrap but let me think of a nicer and more cheeky kind of layout. Not sure why the background cardstock changes color. Should be Yellow :)

Will have to settle some issues this weekend regarding ROM preparations. Have some targets to achieve. Let me think... should have more..think think :p
- flower deco
- music
- guests
- choose vows
- date to meet JP

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