Thursday, September 11, 2008

Hello, it has been long....

Hehe realised I have not been around since end of August. So sorry folks. Been busy with my work at office, my school project and spending time with my family.

I feel so blessed last weekend. Been long since I feel such strong family bond. So happy to be able to spend both Sat and Sun with them. I brought my family along for my office family day. Went on board Cheng Ho Cruise for hi-tea and stopover at Kusu Island. Finally took a few family shots. Its really HARD to get a proper family shot. I like that! Really! Will post when I downsize the photo. Its dinner after the cruise at Vivocity. Nothing fantastic, in fact I prefer the snacks during hi-tea compared to the dinner :X Went down Chinatown with my family to see the Mid Autumn Festival lightups. Walked around for awhile and head home.

Its my eldest sister’s birthday on Sun. Bought her a Russ bear photo frame. Had it all planned that I’ll print out our family photo at Kusu island and framed it up. My uncle drove my family out for furniture viewing at noon. I’m supposed to meet them with my bf for dinner at Marina Square. Rare that daddy actually suggest going OUT for dinner. You should see the GLOW in my eyes when he say ‘we go out eat dinner tonight’. OMG! I don’t know what’s wrong with me. I just feel so silly this whole weekend cos I truly enjoyed my family’s companion. Had a nice dinner at Dian Xiao Er, got the membership since we spent over $150 there. Subsequent visits at 15% off. Good! Went over Suntec for the food fair, walked around and head home.

Had my final year project presentation on Tue afternoon. Done up my posters, user manual, presentation slides, all geared up. Can’t help but still to feel abit tense since I’m the 2nd last student to present. Luckily, there are only 2 judges left so that lessen the tension. Everything went on smoothly until the demo part. Gosh he actually go calculate the timebase display and found out my display is HALF OF WHAT IT SHOULD BE. Freaked me off a little. But I was glad he actually give me a chance to amend my software  Hope things go well.

Here I am typing my entry for blog right after sending a test report out. Just consolidated my testing at work. Abit relax before I head off to start another project. It’s more and more and never ending queues… Why can’t they have another person to lessen my load? Haiz…

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