Monday, August 18, 2008

18 August 2008

Brain suddenly freezed. Can't think of an interesting title so I just put today's date. :D

Congratulations to Team Singapore, Table Tennis heroines for bringing Singapore our 1st Silver medal in 48 years! Well done! You ladies rox!!!

Done up a LO on Saturday morning. Its another one on my cousin who's 12 this year. Such a sweet girl isn't she? Wish she can do well in her PSLE this year. I promise her a BIG TREAT if she can get into her dream sec sch :) GAMBATTE!

This weekend seems too fast to have. Went bridal shop on Saturday late afternoon to try out the gown for my ROM. Finally came to conclusion after about 2hrs there? Hehe..Abit fAT to show photo so I shall skip it. Keep you all in suspense :D Went down Changi Beach for friend's bbq. Nice and cooling that night. Didn't eat much since my stomach still ain't feeling that well. Went back past midnight and KO after bathing. I'm tired... Went 'shop' for bf's suit on Sunday and we bought it at a warehouse sales for suits. Material not bad, design and cutting suits him too. Thats why concluded to buy it.

Well for work wise, I think I really need to buck up. Been slagging behind for quite sometime le. Need to pull up my socks real high up :D

Have a nice week folks :)

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