Sunday, July 13, 2008

I scrapped!

Wohoo I scrapped this weekend...FINALLY!!! Hmmm FYP...scrapping...FYP...scrapping..that's how my whole weekend is. Boring huh? But I had a great Friday night with my friends. Went watch Red Cliff, then to a pub to chillout.

Coca cola layout... Too bad I missed out the coke epoxy stickers. I love them wor..Just too bad that I'm too late. They were totally wiped out from shelf lor.

2nd one that I did. Very pinkish one. Something not very my style. Havn't tried this pink yet til now :p not bad right?

Going to be a short week for me. I've taken a 3 half days to work on my FYP. Going Sentosa on Friday after work for my GM's farewell. Then I shall work throughout the weekend again. Its all about FYP now. I need to JIAYOU!!!

Have a nice week folks!

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