Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Had an interesting week?

Realised that I have not updated for a week already :p

Nothing much interesting going on for me for the past week. Go work, go home, surf net, fyp, scrapbook. I think for the whole week, most interesting event would be to watch Indiana Jones. Haha.. Boring life right? How about you?

Altered the Daiso cork board already. Passed it to my colleague. Duhz. He say 'abit girly'. Hmmm I already try to make it not so girly le leh. Go home then post the photo online. I started on MR birdie chipboard album using SOMO May's kit. Pasted all 8 pieces(front and back) BUT…still no idea to scrap using what photos so I shall pend it for the time being. I started another album using stash from SOMO kits also. This time a 8x8 album titling OUR FAMILY. Intention is to make a blank album for 'future' use. I want to document members of my family and members of my bf's family after our wedding photoshot. We'll have family portraits ma so just nice to incorporate them into the album also. That's all for last week's scrapping updates. :D

For FYP, my microchip development board is finally here! Shipped all the way from US to Singapore. Haha..by Fedex. Was so happy to see the familiar Fedex man walking towards my direction. Broad smile on my face when he ask me to sign acknowledgement. The feeling of signing MY OWN PARCEL is great! Haha… Anyway finally can get to play with the actual thing. Hopefully my final installlation will work with this board. Will test out the board soon with online available solutions. Then I can start off to consolidate raw data for my data acquisition portion. Chiminology and I need to go find my cousin again. Hehe…so paiseh…

Suddenly a happy girl cos I just received phone call from my dear bf on my hp! Hehe..although almost wanted to scold that fella over the phone cos he keep saying 'good morning good morning' BUT after thinking, processing, that voice sounds so familiar. ITS MY BF! Duhz… Time flies and he's away for a month already. ENDURE….7 more weeks to go!

Ok back to work. Its already 10am. :X Will update again with photos.

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