Thursday, June 05, 2008

FRI soonnnnn!

Wohoo! Finally Friday is coming. A quick post before I get myself ready for bed. Want to sleep earlier tonight. I turning panda real soon liaoz..

Here's a few photos that I've finally uploaded.

The cork board that I altered for my colleague. Hmmm is it really that girly? He comment so leh. Well, I think a motorbike photo will do the trick right?
This is the wrist corsage I help my girlfriend make. This is for her 2nd match-in use. She's saying she don't want to hold hand bouquet during the banquet.
Ok this is the interesting one. Guess how many people's LOOTS are inside this small Laines recycle bag, targetting for 40% discount? Let me count...Mine, I, S, SC, M... 5 of us squeeeezeeeee our goodies in this tiny bag to try to fully utilise 1 bag per week. :D Interesting leh.. Thanks SC for good packing service.
Scrapped an old piece of photo. My girlfriends and me. Known these two ladies since polytimes. Though we are all busy, hard to meet up. It's still very nice that I have such good friends, always around when I need them.

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sharon said...

Hahah lydia ..

You are Welcome ... Was fun packing .. still could pack more ...