Friday, May 23, 2008

Its Friday!

TGIF! Its Friday already. Tomorrow will be a hectic one for me. Will be out the whole day with my cousins. Bringing them out since its school holidays. Will go buy JR's longggg belated pressie first then to Wild Wild Wet (still pondering though if should go WWW since its family day week, there'll be family day carnivals going on at Downtown East itself.) Shall work things out with my cousins again. Last part would be to go attend a 1 yr old girl's birthday party. My ex colleague invited some of us over to the party. So thought bring my cousins along so I won't get so bored taking train alone myself :p

Went Golden Mile Tower for dinner with my colleagues last night. Steamboat+Hainanese Chicken Rice+Sweet Sour Pork+Fried Squid…Sumptuous dinner! Had talks with ex-colleagues also. Not bad after all to dine with colleagues once in blue moon.

Guess will have to put scrapbooking aside for sometime liao. Got to work hard on my FYP. Due date is faster than estimated. Going bang wall soon le. Haiz…hopefully people around can render their kind help. Need to finish up programming, interfacing, report, webpage in 1.5mths! Good luck to me. I'm thinking am I a parttime student or a fulltime student. Haiz….Ok don't want continue too much. Abit sian myself. How feel like going home rest before heading over to my cousin's place. Seek his help for my FYP and hopefully he's the right person :)

Have a nice weekend folks :)

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