Monday, May 12, 2008


Aiyo...I'm seriously confused! Confused by those AUSTRALIAN professors and doctors! I had my FYP presentation yesterday afternoon and was totally freaked off by their cruel comments, slamming me real hard onto my face! Sent an email update to my aust supervisor and guess what's his reply? 'Thanks for the update and presentation slides. Seems that you are progressing well. Regards, Brett' My whole brain is now confused. So what do the interviewers want from me? Or really like what my local supervisor mentioned, they only trying to stress me to continue to work hard? DUHZ! I start to hate those australians! Arghhh... Oh btw, no hard feelings if any australians happened to be reading this blog entry. Just want to vex my anger. I'm totally a non-nationalist :)

Haiz.. k k k...put those sad and demoralising things aside. I've uploaded my 3 layouts and 1 altered project into TheScrappersLoft forum for a online scrapbook challenge. Just for the fun of it. Next time then I'll post in my blog when the challenge is over as its supposed to be brand new ideas, not published anywhere.

I've finally completed my half done mini album for myself. Really a simple one so not showing the details inside. Don't have much MOJO for this :)

Ok I'm off to bed liao. Having flu. *sniffx2*

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Creative B Bee said...

Why not posing here??? I want to see leh...(still waiting).

p/s: I had seen you before at MWL.