Sunday, April 06, 2008

So sian....

OMG! I'm damn freaking sian now...reason? I can't seems to finish writing my report! ARGGGHHH KILL ME! Shoulder and neck aching and...NO MORE BOILED WATER!!! Stupid daddy pour all the water into his water bottle and happily go for his basketball session! Bloody hell..he'll get it from me when he come back later. For? For leaving me die of thrist at my own home! Haha...ok I'm just abit grouchy now..any slight thing can irritate me to bits..

Anyway let me do some blogging 1st before continuing with my torture.

My brunch for Saturday..Tang Yuan with sweet peanut soup... Simply can't recall how long have I not have this...YUM~ Mummy thought her daughter is a glutton. Siao boh, cook 15 Tang Yuan for me! End up? I managed to squeeze in 7 pieces...she ate 7 and daddy help to eat the last piece in my bowl..I'm so much a happy little princess at home when everybody is in good mood :p

Hmmm something happy to share. Bf and me went down Amara for their wedding fair yesterday. Confirmed our booking for 26th Sept 2009. Hmmm not bad, managed to add enough perks to make me happy.

Here's 2 pix of my dear bf 'entertaining' me with his signature CHEEKY smile.

Oh...and before I forget...Something new recently. Dug out the materials and do up another pair of earrings for myself. Interestingly..this black metal won't make my ear loops swell wor. Hehe.. GOOD!

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