Monday, April 14, 2008

Its Monday already... fast Monday already. 2 more days to 16th Apr! Gosh...can time move slower? I'm not done with my revision! Past week had been tedious and tiring with me rushing dateline for my FYP interim report. FYP simply stands for Final Year Project in case some of you might not know what it is. I'll be doing the USB Oscilloscope project proposed by aussie's Prof Brett. Tough tough..getting tougher as I read more and probe more into the project. Tonnes of programming skills needed. See how I dieeeeee

Rushed and submitted my report on Friday night. Went for class on Saturday morning totally like a zombie. Stayed in school's library for about 2 hrs before heading off to Dover Road to get my lens and to make mum a pair of sunglasses(sponsored by my 2 elder sisters and me) Then off I go down to Plaza Singapura to wait for my dear bf. Can't resist all the nicey food temptations at basement, ended up eating THIS! Tell you...its really a MUST HAVE! The sausage is yummilicious! Haha..Finished it, went MWL for a 'tour' and ended up with a $7.50 bill on this stamp. Went for movie with bf, went bought our wedding bands and off we go back to East side and pick his mum up, send her home and zoommmm! We went Blk 85 Bedok for SUPPER~! Hehe...2 of us had stingray, oyster omelette and 4 chicken wings! BURP!!! SO BAO! hahaha..SHhhhhh...I know FATTENING...but ok la, once in a blue blue moon :p

Ok la..end here to head off back to my revision. Concus mode coming. So need to destress abit by blogging since I CAN'T SCRAP~! Haha..

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babelittlethings said...

Tsk Tsk Tsk! Wat some more? Take Cane! Wedding coming soon liao! Knowing you bochap one! hahahaha! =p