Friday, April 11, 2008

I'm so Happy NOW!

Wahahaha! Can't help but to keep grinning away after seeing review comments from my project supervisor. Hmmm but still abit worried cos do little comments means got problem? Or really done? Tomorrow ask him again. Hehe...Abit not very confident of myself. Or do I have too high expectation of myself? Hmmmm *pondering*

Oh..Received Lia's gift tags by post already. Thank you soooo much! Its the 1st time that I ever received a RAK via post! So happy! And here's the pic:

These few weeks been busy rushing my final year project's interim report and webpage. No time to do scrapping or accessories. Keep seeing Irene come up with new stuffs make my heart itch so much lor! Accumulating my stash. MUST start scrapping right after exam for 2 days, then prepare for my interim presentation, then start scrapping again! Wohoo! I must make a point to scrap min 2 LOs per week after my presentation! Then I can fully utilise my stash and look forward to new stashes in few months time! *wink*

Couldn't resist the temptation earlier on and done up 1 LO. This photo is taken together with my old time pals WT and MQ. Believe it? We've known one another for 14 freaking years! From Sec 1 til now lor...I'm so glad our friendship is so everlasting. OF COS I wish for many more years to come and pass. May our friendship blossom til all our hair turn white, all our teeth drop clean! Hahaa...

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