Sunday, April 27, 2008

1 year older soon...

Havn't me been posting on time passes real fast recently? really is real fast because? Because in less than an hour's time..Yours truly here is going to be 1 year older. Gosh...Hitting 27 year old soon. How 'young' do that sounds? Hmmm time after 21st birthday really do pass fast. Time pass for work, school, friends, family...etc. It really feels like 'WINK OF EYES' like what chinese sayings always go... GOSH...It's 27 this year, 28 for next, 29 for next next and soon I'll be hitting the BIG 3! Scary isn't it? Well, take things as it come bah. For now, ENJOY MY 27th BIRTHDAY! Haha...

Well just some photos to share for my good friend's wedding on Friday. Helped the couple out the whole day, totally tire me out. Slept at 1+am and woke up at a freaking 5am!!! I go work also not so hardworking lor... But glad that whole day went smoothly for both E and D. Sincerely wish them blissful marriage forever... Hope they're having a great time at Phuket now :p

Oh..I mentioned in my previous blog that one of my FAVOURITE fruit is Strawberry right? Look what D's mum bought on his big day. This plate of SUPER BIG, JUICY, SWEET strawberries! They're simply YUMMILICIOUS lor. Auntie say she bought them at Tanjong Pajar market. Look at those stalks still attached...Its VERY FRESH...YUMMY!

That's my dear bf and me during the banquet. Kind of sorry that I neglected him during the 1st part of the night, leaving him with K's hubby. Hope those 2 men won't feel too neglected. No choice as E is mine and K's good friend. We have to run the night sui sui for her :)

Look at this photo. Short of the bride, E though... Amazing? We have ALL known each other since 1998! They're my dearest EC Club friends, my khakis..People whom I've gone through thick and thin with... Love ya all!

Super rare all girls photo..Again short of bride E.

Hehe...Now comes the part of me being ultra ZI LIAN again. These 2 last photos are self taken portrait before I cleanse off my makeup and undo my nicely set hair. Love my eyes FOR THE 1st TIME lor...The makeup artist certainly done a good job. Its nice and 'fun' to see my eyes being transformed into something so 'captivating' *puke* This shot is with my hair still half tied up...

This shot is when I removed all the pins and let my hair down. Had a super hard time washing my badly tangled hair! PAINFUL lor..

Shall post more photos when the bride gets her disc from photographer. I didn't managed to take much shots from my camera. *busy*

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Wei Sian said...

Big 30 is ok, life is a journey so every age is an experience. Anyway, you are still young la. :)