Sunday, March 16, 2008

So fast Sunday again fast and its SUNDAY again. Always feel so deprived of time lately. Guess I really need a break lor...

Anyway some quick summary here in case you all thought I've gone missing.

I havn't been doing much crafts nor scrapping lately due to time constraint with work and with school. Yawnz! So sian. Anyway I'm trying out new stuff, once succeeded then I'll post the photo here. For now, pleasex3 bear with me cos I know I take very long sometime to do things.

Oh ya, in case my dear pal WT thought I have wasted his mani+pedi voucher..I didn't! I managed to go for it hmmm on 7th Mar I think. Just in time for my friend's wedding on 9th. Chose OPI - Bora Bora since I've always like pinkish tone for my mani+pedi. Hehe a superrrrr lousy shot of my left hand after mani session. (I didn't take my feet cos I feel its not very polite to show my feet online la...haha)

Had quiz for my module yesterday morning. Then follow by lesson. School ended at noon and I'm off to Suntec to meet my bf. I had my lunch, roamed around before he come. Here's what I've finally found and bought! The Kokuyo dot liner refill and Tombo glue tape refill! And I kind of think that the cashier thought I'm mad or what. I bought the last 5 packs of the dot liner lor!

We went Amara Hotel to view the venue and came to conclusion that we'll wait for the wedding show in April. Will need the actual date before we can make tentative booking. Went Bugis for steamboat with friends and that ended my Saturday.

KO pretty early last night before midnight. And WALAAAaaaa...I WOKE UP AT 8AM AUTOMATICALLY! Duhzzz..Still thought I can nua in bed..zzz..Managed to clear up my scrap mess, printed 2 photos right from my ES20! Hehe...Scrapped 2 pieces and here you go...

Ahhh and not to forget I cooked carbonara for my sis.

Ok..End here for my quick summary..Will post again soon (I hope!) :p

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