Monday, March 03, 2008

My canvas is NOT done up yet!

Haha..yes the blog title tell it all! Okok I'll try my very best to finish it off tonight k? Then I'll upload photos. I PROMISE I'LL TRY TO BE A GOOD GIRL... :D

Weekend is fun and tiring...why? For these good reasons...

1) I went for my class at 9am(which means I sleep at approx 2am packing my crop stuffs, wake up at 7am to prepare for class)...finished class at noon
2) Went down to Laines like a super enthusiatic bunny for the Private Crop Class on "Creating on Canvas" with wonderful ladies from Scrappinkids
3) Went down Merchant Court Hotel to view the ballroom. Hehe yes, for my wedding in 2009 :p
4) Went for dinner at Central@ClarkeQuay
5) Head back bf's house to work on the photo montage for his friend's wedding BUT I fell asleep in the end..Too tired after a long day, especially at the crop class
6) Wake up at 11.20am!
7) Ate brunch and head down to Expo for Watsons and Popular Bookstore sales
8) Went home and basically KO til evening, wake up for dinner
9) I felt sick, puked out my dinner and felt the intense headache...KO at 10.30pm

Some interesting notes about the canvas class which I've NOT YET finish...

1) I never know old telephone book with decoupaging can create such nice effects
2) I never know scotch tape can create such nice effects on patterned papers
3) I never know CLINGWRAP can do wonders to my messy paint doodles
4) I never know layering can be so fun cos I sux totally at it
5) I never know alot of things can be done even though its not acid free! (oh ya, before the class commerces, Sharon stress on "ITS NOT AN ACID FREE CLASS")

In short, this canvas class is well taught by Sharon, the session is fully filled with interesting ideas. Do go register yourself for the fun and creative class if you have not and if Laines still have this class. Try to arrange private crop class with your friends. It's fun!!! Thanks to Scappinkids that we can have this session :p

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