Monday, February 25, 2008

Singapore Airshow 2008

So fast weekend is over again just like that..

BUT I've had an interesting Sunday. I went to the Singapore Airshow 2008 at the Changi Exhibition Centre. Went have breakfast at Simei then take MRT to Pasir Ris to take the shuttle service to Changi Exhibition Centre. The queue is horrible lor, its a longggggggggggggg way to the bus interchange til the back of the MRT station. I took many photos, but have not download from my camera yet. Pls wait maybe tomorrow? Queue is long but still managable. Reached the venue at approx 11am. Went walked around, take photos with different military used vehicles, fighter planes, airbus 380 etc..Spectacular sights in short. Of course, most people's main purpose is to go there for the Aerobatics Flying Display by the Black Knights, let alone to say me. Their performance is simply fantastic! Going back home is the biggest challenge of all I should say. Bf and me queued for an hour plus to take shuttle bus back to Pasir Ris MRT. Happening lor.. Still, wait for my photos to believe me. Haha...

K I end here for now, time to start work le :)

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