Saturday, February 09, 2008

Happy Lunar New Year!

Today is Chu San (3rd day of Lunar New Year.. Let me wish all a very Happy Rat Year! Sorry it came abit kind of late but I've been busy coping with eating all the nice yummy food! Haha..

OH YA! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO JQ! My 2nd darling... hehe you can see her pic in the pic post below, the very cute girl lor... :D

It was half day work on the eve. Reach back home had lunch of which mummy prayed in the morning. My parents have the tradition of praying on the eve, heard from them is to send the god away to receive the new rat year. After praying, mummy will burn incense papers, then cut up the meat, heat up the soup then we'll have our lunch. I was joking with mummy that this year's lunch is all BLACK BLACK one. Because? Because we have her famous braised duck, her stewed meat with mushroom and abalone and a pot of vege soup. Asked her to keep it simpler as years goes by. Glad she did so this year :)Grandma and uncle came over for reunion dinner. This year, as usual we had steamboat. Nothing interesting, its just eat and talk crap...

Look at this beautiful flowers that full bloomed at MIDNIGHT! Hope such coincidence will bring our family health and prosperity.

Woke up on 1st day of lunar new year seeing my mummy busy away cooking big feast. This year she cook her famous ngoh hiang, brocolli with clams, stewed pork with oysters, braised duck with ginger and some sotong balls, fishballs..etc...basically its just a big spread (opps, i forgot to take pic though :X)

Here's some photos of my cousins' kids...aint they so cute?

Ah...some pretty pretty goodies I had during CNY...This plate of sweets are at my 2nd uncle's house..Nice right? But damn sweet!

Went my 2nd uncle's place on 2nd day of CNY. Its simply CHAOTIC there with me and my cousins! Haha...Time flies that both my 'darlings' have grown up to be fine ladies. Sec 2 and Pri 6 le..But still young girls in my heart :)

I like this pic that JR took.. too bad abit blur, otherwise it'll be a perfect shot!

This plate of 12 chinese zodiac chocolates are from my aunt to my family...Yummy..the chocs taste good... :p

Met up with my buddies on Monday for post birthday celebration. We went to a German Restaurant at Vivocity (forgot the name liao..hehe) We had some beer and these food.. Yum! But I still prefer Siglap that Werner's Oven...Its nice!

There's a night way before CNY that I went Chinatown with my dear bf to walk..End up having durian! Yippeee! I love durians!

Recent craze is making accessories..Spent quite abit on buying those charms and crystals but happy that I can come out with nice works!

A very pictorial post isn't it? :) Have fun this CNY... CHEERS!

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