Monday, February 04, 2008

CNY is coming soon!

Hehe..So sorry that I've MIA for quite some time..Been busy lately with my course and also my final year project. So much so that I don't even have time to think what I want to scrap. BUT..I've a new hobby! Guilty of spending again on another hobby. Hehe..I'll update my blog with photos of my creations.. Stay tuned..

Past weeks have been packed with classes, research on USB Oscilloscope(my fyp)..and of cos accompanying my dear bf. Cooked last week at his house. Not bad, pretty yummy. At last, a decent meal for him..Again, pls wait for my photos :p

Oh...I finally bought my new handphone.. Sony Ericsson K770i! Slurp..I love the 3.2mp camera..shall try taking some photos tonight when I meet my buddies for post birthday celebration. Hehe..hopefully the new handphone don't disappoint me :)

K short update here, will post again soon these few days..Alot of cleaning to catch up..hehe MUMMY GOING TO KILL ME!

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