Tuesday, January 01, 2008


HAPPY 2008 TO ALL!!!

Finally 2007 came to an end. 2008 is here already. Time flies this year, really fast. A late post before clock ticks 2nd Jan 2008...Hehe..

Some updates since my last post on Christmas Day. Nothing much lately except many EATINGS...haha..I'll grow and grow at this rate, that's why one of my new year's resolution is to JIAN FEI...be MEI MEI...hehe...

Was on MC on 28th due to my stupid nose, always giving me trouble..BUT I still go out though. Hehe went Laines for the 40% storewide sales, then meet my bf for lunch at Sake Sushi. Then we went Cineleisure for movies. FINALLY watch Alvin and the Chipmunks. So cute lor...fell in love with the soundtrack. Shall wait for lishi to rip the cd first. Then watch another show at 7+pm. I AM LEGEND. Piang..the show freaked me out a few times. I'm really not cut out for thrill, horror movies lor..

2 pix for that day...a pic of me and another of my bf at cineleisure before going watch Alvin and Chipmunks

Woke up on 29th with still my blocked nose..Took medicine and nua abit, went out to buy dress. Finally bought a turquoise colored one. Then rush home bathe and took cab with parents down to Delta House. Er Jie having her graduation photoshot that day, we'll have a big family portrait. Too bad they don't allow me take a few snaps with my own camera inside the studio. After photoshot went Bugis for steamboat with my family. Our first steamboat dinner outside after so many years. Finally slowly managed to change my parents' mindset to dine outside once in a blue moon.
Here's a few photos to share for saturday..

Russ graduation bear for my er jie from me and da jie...

Me after the lady makeup for me...hehe very zi lian right?




Unglam shot of me at Parco..Hair very messy cos just finished steamboat with my family

Our steamboat dinner...

I'm totally tire out...slept from 11+pm on Saturday night all the way til Sunday 11am!!! Supposed to leave house at 11 but dragged til almost 1pm. Took train to Tampines meet bf. Had 'tea' at Hong Kong cafe..Nice food?

Met my long time buddies at Vivocity for dinner. Went Mussels and Guy. Then went over Mui's house to visit her mum. Then off we go home.

Went work on 31st. Supposed to be boring til Mr Toh came back settle some of his work...then walk over to DISTURB ME! Duhz...Hehe early dismissal though..Left at around 4pm...Goody Goody...Went over to Alan's house for party..Those people are really MAD! They have gambling dens lor...BUT we don't play $...we play LIQUOR!! Hahaha...

Snake and ladder...

Gambling den...PLACE YOUR BETS!

Counting down with SCV..


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