Monday, January 14, 2008

Drive my blues away

Its MONDAY again...can someone pls drive my blues away?

Weekends are never too short to enjoy. I find my weekends getting shorter...duhz...

Met up with LS and gang for dinner at Central@ClarkeQuay on Friday night. Went Waraku. Don't and still don't understand why Waraku can attract such long queue. No better food around? Or people like pasta so much? Nothing much fantastic leh. *scratch head* Alan treated the dinner as its supposed to be his birthday celebration. Went AutoSports after dinner, stayed for awhile then bf and me left le. I have class on Saturday...gheesee

Went class on Saturday. Wah piang..the whole class, ALL guys lor. Only 2 gals. So freaky uncomfortable...Went shop around after class with bf to buy his daddy's birthday present. Chanced upon a beads shop at Centrepoint. Hehe of cos I went in and buy lor. Bought some crystals. Oh, had early dinner at fish & co.. Yummy..

Wohooo I finally ate my favourite yong tau fu on Sunday! Yummy yum yum!

Went swim in the afternoon. Powerful swim! I practically juz whack all my energy lor..Poor bf chasing after me..haha maciam I torture him like that, so funny...Went back bf's house, he nua, I finish up my angel handphone accessories. Made 3! Gave all to my mummy and sisters. Going make 3 more and keep. Had steamboat for dinner at bf house to celebrate his daddy birthday. His parents so cute, must wear nicex2, use videocam to make movies. Hehe..

Meaningful weekend? I feel so, just that I don't have time to scrap! I guess I'm going to miss the DT call for Laines again loh. Hoho...

Oh ya..almost forgot to post some yummy food intro...Went Coronation Plaza sometime back with my buddy. Was introduced to a Hainanese restaurant call Prince Coffee House Pte Ltd. Its at 2nd Level. The steak is good...See it for yourself!

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