Saturday, December 01, 2007

TGIF is over

TGIF! But friday is officially over. How I spend my friday? I rushed down from office at 7pm to go for facial wif LS. Meetup with KC at Swensons. LS joined us too. Eat and talk. Time flies lor, we left at around 10.40pm. Took a train back with KC. Gosh...By the time we got on train from Jurong East going towards CCK, hmmm I suddenly feel like I'm going to blackout. Luckily KC is there. She say my whole face suddenly turned very pale. Got off train at CCK with KC, sat on the marble seat to recupurate abit then I walk home le. Don't ask me why, I also don't know leh...It just suddenly occur that I'm going to blackout. Scary! Anyway I'm fine now, don't worry :)

Time passes too fast these 2 weeks. Maybe because I'm too busy at work to think of other stuffs. Actually I think I'm stressed but I choose to believe I'm not :p Stressed over exam? stressed over work? I think both bah. It's like hmmm my exam is next week, yet I'm still busy with a stupid project at work delayed due to software but coming my fault that I'm taking long time to test such lousy software. Imagine a first iteration with (til date and still counting) 116 bugs!!!! Whats the world coming to? Well I admit I didn't do a good job at initial stage on my test document and I'm trying real hard to cover back. BUT..think. Would anybody write in their test document for features not specified in the requirement specifications(SRS)? No right? But I was told "that's why I give you this checklist..its from the customer" my heart sank...People know jolly well that SRS is the source to testing, but yet they can give this comment. What is this behavior? What is software testing to them? Are we really taken for granted that we're supposed to know every features inside-out, outside-in for those not specified in SRS? I'm confused. Why do the working environment suddenly change? Am I supposed to adapt to changing environment? Or do changing environment have to adapt to processes deployed? Chim....Anyway I've given up all these chiminology thoughts long ago. Be it to affect my apprasial or what, from now on, I'm only to do my testing. Nothing else. It's tiring to argue with people who always think they're right. Haiz...In short..WORK SUCKS!!! CAN I DON'T WORK????????? (O.O)

Maybe I'll go back work on 8th bah. I still feel its my responsibility to finish up my own project no matter how unreasonable and unrealistic the leadtime be. Over-responsible? I also don't know..Hehe that's just me lor. Also by 8th I'm going to start up my engine and focus on my plannings for SRC. No time liao le. So many things left undone. Stupid chairman, lousy to the well bottom lor! Kauz. Think of him I also angry. 8th to 14th Dec leave me with only 6 days. Let's see if christmas party will flop. Wahaha..anyway even if it flops, can only blame he himself. "I'm on business trip" will become his terrific excuse to delegate ALL tasks to his members. Poor us, kio sai!!! Only idiot will spend $3.5k on lucky prizes to settle everything nicely for him. I won't do so. Have already given him my savings account number to transfer money to me way before he left for China. No reason for not transferring. No ATM? NO internet banking? Which century liao? Haiz...Back to the same old "no initiative"...

Hehe its only saturday early morning and I'm grumbling so much. Be happy! Life will turn to be better soon. 2 working days for me next week and I'll throw work to another side of the world to concentrate on exam.

So much of my grumbles on a saturday morning, I've used 22min to write this long winded post. I just need a pour out my woes. Really very "wei qu" recently. Ok, time for me to go do a little bit of scrapping then do my test document then pack my notes to study then off to meet MF and the 'bridesmaids' for dinner. Tonight MF and her newly wedded hubby Kel going treat us for dinner :p

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