Tuesday, December 25, 2007


Yohoo!!! Merry Christmas to all!!!

A quick pictorial blog post to update all people reading my blog. Hehe...Today, 25th Dec 2007...I'M A BLESSED AND HAPPY GIRL!!! *big big grin*

Had a wonderful eve bbq-ing with friends at bf's house. Poor bf is sick due to jetlag, end up? He went sleep after our gift exchange. Poor boy...

A pic of me and dear bf :p

The MEN!


This is FROM ME TO YOU....

This is YOURS TO ME...

Look at our happy faces..hehe nice gifts...

Me and my dear bf...those are all from him..hehe I need to do some serious COMPENSATION...wahahaha...Hmmm Thanks dar...I really appreciate all the effort you put in this year to make it so surprising. Hehe really was surprised cos BF BLUFF ME! Haha...I'm so gila, like bf to bluff me, siao de.. *giggling*

Martini in 45 mins with ONLY 1 can of 330ml coke and ice!

Christmas day lunch at my lunch. Both paternal and maternal side relatives came over. Its NICE and MESSY! Special thanks to bf who drove me collect my bakerzin's ham and turkey and logcake from bengawansolo..SLURP~~~

Nice logcake ya? This is from me. My cousin bought another one but I forgot take a shot of it. Both are yum~~

2 imps at work again. Cousins' kids..Junwei and Weiting...Weiting's baby bro is Kyan. Nice name..he's cute too..

Hmmm special surprise for me the moment I wake up on 25th Dec 2007 morning around 10am. My dear bf ask me look around the bed's sidetable to see if got anything special. I wasn't wearing specs, cant see clearly. BUT I saw the white polar bear, its cute, BUT I never see the gem...hahaha...NI YAO JIA GEI WO MA? Hehe.. *HUGS*

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Irene said...

congrats! he finally proposed! kekeke.. and it's really a surprise for you! Great work, Johnny! kekeke