Sunday, December 09, 2007

its sunday!

The time is now 00.48hr as I just started writing this post. Had a long day today. Went back office to clear emails as I was on leave for 3 days. Cleared abit of work, then start to wrap some game prizes for coming Fri's christmas party at Pan Pacific Hotel. Wohooo really can't wait to get done and over with it even though pretty much things have not been settled. Hehe..I havn't even thought of what I'm going to wear that night lor. Duhz...

Anyway left office at 3+pm. Then head downtown with my cousins. Went LP to get back my excess 4 bucks overcharged the other time, then went Taka. Weekend Orchard is HORRIGIBLE + TERRIBLE lor...the crowd!!! *shake head* Can you imagine I have to bring my cousins walk on the road to avoid human traffic? And I seriously wonder why will the road from Orchard MRT to Wisma jam until like that lor..Spent 980 bucks today! Don't worry, not my own spendings! Hehe I bought vouchers for the christmas party.

Walked around, had dinner at Taka's Breeks. Food not bad. We ordered a Safari Feast(mixture of buffalo wings, waffle fries, shrimp and calamari), a creamy mushroom pasta and a beef bibimbah(korean style). Eat til 3 of us ULTRA bloated. I'll upload photos other days.

Ok today end here. Suddenly brain abit empty, can't think well. Let me go do up 1 sb then head off to bed.

Good night to me. :)

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