Thursday, December 20, 2007

Has been a week

Wohoo...has been a week since I last logged in to update my blog. Some summaries here for the events over the past week.

Christmas party is a great success. At least to me... :) Glad that everything goes smoothly. Abit of hiccups here and there, but simple enough to be solved on the spot. Pan Pacific Hotel indeed live up to 5 star hotel expectation. Their service is good. The in-charge that night is Ken Wong. Entertainment company's in-charge is Derrick Ho. Emcee is Alex Tan(both from De Events) All 3 did a wonderful job. Initially I thought HCS's staffs will be slow in warming up. I'm wrong, totally wrong. The whole night is filled with fun and laughter, spontaneous participation. Went for second round at DXO. Crowd is young, but still not bad la. But maybe I'm too tired to enjoy. Partly also wrong attire..haha...Anyway will post event photos when I get hold of them.

Mon to Wed at work..hmmm nothing much happen except testing and fooling around. Went Crystal Jade for lunch with my colleagues on Wed. So paiseh that Jean end up treating us. Thanks Jean for the nice treat. I definitely enjoyed the accompany of all. I've made some christmas gifts for my colleagues also. Altered Ikea cups to put potpurri.

Thurs..hehe...I slept alot... really alot. I KO around 12+am on wed..slept all the way til 1145am on thurs. Wake up, had my lunch and wait for bf to online, skype with him awhile and off I go back to bed. Haha..Sleep all the way til almost 6pm. ZZzzzzz.. Went bathe, and go Lot1 with my eldest sister. Bought Scrabble as birthday present for Weijie and a watch for Jiarui as an award for her good studies performance. Came back home had dinner and start wrapping all my nice so nice..I LOVE CHRISTMAS! Christmas is drawing nearer and nearer...Bf is coming back! YEAH!!! hehe..

Ok..continue my next portion of post. PICTORIAL POSTS!!!

Look at Pan Pacific Hotel room..nice right? the bed so cosy...

My favourite BATHROOM!

Look at the cables! Really high tech lor..

A self snapped pic of me during christmas party. I look tired hor?

I took a snapshot with my hp during one of the table game segment. My GM is on the left in black. Werner actually pinned up those snowflakes and christmas tree onto his black shirt. SO COOL IDEA! That christmas tree this group decorated is actually Michael Held's partner. She's sporting enough to let ppl decorate her..haha..funny lot of ppl in that table. Oh and of cos my lao jie Jean is also in that pic :p

Super zi lian photo of myself at home.

Limited edition Absolute Volka. Mei hor?

My ikea cups for my colleagues, filled with potpurri. Actually quite a fair bit. Total of 24 cups, but I've done up only 19. :X

Cup that Irene made for me and the interesting dragonfly Kat had for me.

Interesting dragonfly hor? Can balance on edges.

My dinner on wed night with MF, MH and Daniel. We simply just rot at MS Coffee Club

Our annual mini gift exchange. This time Daniel say he want join us without telling us he'll be joining in the gift exchange too. Pretty much a mini surprise.

My wrapped up pressies at home...alot hor? There are all for my aunt, 3 devilish cousins, Rhys, Weiting, Junwei, my bf and friends. WOhoooo simply can't wait for christmas to be here soon...*jingle bells, jingle bells...*

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