Wednesday, December 05, 2007


GAMBATTE! to myself... :) Time really really flies real fast. Winkx2 its already 5th Dec. 3 more days to my final exam for advanced teleco.

Everything really have pros and cons. See..even dates have pros and cons...

Cons first...
(1) lesser time to study when time flies
(2) lesser time to prepare for src christmas party when time flies
(3) lesser time to prepare my christmas gifts when time flies
(4) lesser time to lose weight when time flies ....haha manyx2 more lor..

Next comes Pros...
(1) BF COMING BACK when time flies
(2) christmas party coming when time flies
(3) can open christmas gifts when time flies
(4) family gathering when time flies
(5) meetup with my old pals, friends to gossip during christmas when time flies
(6) year 2008 coming when time flies....

Life's contradicting isn't it? You hate time flies..yet you'll also love time to fly real fast at times.

Ok enough of silly thots...Only one photo update today. On the mini christmas trees(we buy them from Daiso) my er jie decorated last sunday. I helped abit cos too tired after clearing storeroom for 3 hrs!!! Cute leh...This christmas is going to be fun. on 24th, I'll be having my usual bbq with friends...then gift exchange..On 25th, I'll go Bakerzin to collect the ham and turkey that er jie ordered. Then collect the logcake which I've yet to order (ok ok later will go Lot1 order..BUT NOT PRIMA poisoning case ongoing leh). Then mummy going cook some food. I think my 2nd aunt will cook also. Wah..then most interesting part is the people coming over for the gathering. Will be my family with of cos my dear bf, My 2nd uncle+family, my grandma+4th uncle, my 5th+family. Hmmm thinking of asking my cousin+family also, then Weiting and Junwei can come play mah. See how la. Wohoo its going to be a warm family gathering from both paternal and maternal side. I like it! I'll definitely want to take full family portrait!

Ok ok getting longer...I end here..go back to my books le. :)

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