Thursday, December 13, 2007

The BIG day is coming

Wohooo...can't help but feel excited and stress that my BIG day is coming...wahaha..don't be mistaken, not my wedding. I purposely say this because someone say 'tomorrow is Lydia's wedding. Her big day tomorrow.' Its the christmas party for my office. Kind of excited yet worried if anything will go wrong tomorrow due to my poor planning or not. Tons of hardwork put in by particularly some of us, mainly I and M and me. Hopefully our hardwork paid off. Been real busy these few weeks, with both my work and preparation for christmas party. Work OT for nothing. Don't understand why do I do that also. My responsibilities. That's the kind of person I am. Perhaps I should really learn hard to let go. But never mind, I believe in hanging on and pursue my beliefs. Hehe..typical stubborn taurus.

This week is even more hectic, running around during lunch to buy last minute stuffs. Thanks to I for being there for me, to help me out. Think I really can't and won't hang on without her and M. IT'S GOING TO BE OVER SOON! Yippeee! Let's hope tomorrow's event will go on smoothly, wrap up nicely. I've done all 'thinkings' I can thought of. Brain RAM limited la...Hehe..

Will post photos once I get hold of them. This time don't have my camera with me even though I'll like as much to bring. But my sister brought it to Melbourne already. :)

And oh...Sorry to my dar dar that this whole week never talk much to him. I know you understand why. *HUGSSS* Really can't wait for you to be back on 23rd. Want hug you so much. Will really get 'mental inbalance' soon if you still not back. Wahaha...

Good Luck to me!

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