Saturday, November 17, 2007

Time flies

Time flies really fast. Its mid november already and today, 17th Nov 2007 marks the most important day in my good friend's life. Today is MF's ROM day. She held her solemnisation at Christ the King Catholic Church at AMK. Suddenly thought of alot last night while walking home even though just a short 10min walk(I walk real slow last night). Perhaps its because my good friend is walking down the aisle today, and I'm happy for her. Really happy that she has found someone nice to be her life partner.

Just a few photos to share here. Will update more once her photographer sorted them out. Can't wait to get a peek at those bridemaids photos.

A picture of me and her. Isn't she just such a babe? Our 'affinity' started in poly yr 1 through our academic club. Went through alot of hardships together,found our true friendship through organising events. Seems like quite a fair bit of similarities between us in character wise. Our stubborn-ness, our strong headed-ness..etc. People who know us well enough will know. :p

She and her husband-to-be (not yet at that moment in time)

She and her husband-to-be and her priest. I'm really happy for her at that moment. Damn it, if the caterer never come in to disturb me for the cheque, I think I would have dropped a tear for her. Tear of happiness...The ambience of the church, the blessings of the priest. Everything is falling in place nicely..

Hehe...ah...I got the bridal bouquet..hehe...means what leh? :D

Oh..this is my manicure done up on Thursday night.

And this is my office's christmas tree. Not bad?

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