Friday, November 23, 2007

My 100th post

Time really flies...its 23rd Nov already..This is my 100th post in this blog now.

Nothing much to update lately except for work, school and home. Been busy at work and at school...Project is on fire and that explains the 'stressing' every now and then. Sigh. Shall skip the details. School's been tough too. 4 days a week class. Finally its over tonight. At least no more rush and tiring nights.

Hmmm took some photos the other day at orchard. I like the ballerina display alot. OF COS not forgetting M& yummy!

Have family day in office today. Many kiddos running around, freaked me off abit. I guess its a day of fun. Let's see next week if I can find some nice photos to post here.

Ok la, today shall be a short post cos I'm suddenly tired, going KO early today, wake up tomorrow to go market with mummy then back home to eat books. Going to give Batam stocktake a miss to find time to study. Sorry I that I backed out last min...Boh bian la, need to squeeze time to study :)

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