Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Mid Week Wednesday

It's Wed today. Tomorrow is public holiday for Singapore - Deepavali. Wish all Hindus in Singapore a Happy Deepavali.

Yesterday is I's birthday. Happy Birthday!!! Guess this year can be the happiest birthday for you. Dream of getting into Laines DT came true, dream of owning a DSLR coming true soon too if you've decided to go ahead. What's more to wish for when you have 2 adorable girls and a doting DH...Am I right? hehe.. *hug*

Yesterday is also my buddy's birthday. Happy Birthday Joel. HUG HUG HUG...

Will be having dinner out with my family tomorrow. Er Jie's treat of $200, excess balance will be shared between Da Jie and me. Treat as early birthday celebration for my Er Jie. She flying off to Osaka on 19th(her birthday) so we have an early celebration. This time I'm sure to bring along my tripod. I've been longing to take family photo for sooooooo long. Finally have a chance :p

Nothing much these few days. Work, home, work, school, home. Rovering between those will be abit different. Going meet up my girlfriends for dinner. MF going brief us on her ROM stuffs. Guess I'll have to bring notebook and pen it all down. Hehe...I'm sure tonight's going to be fun cos it has been long since I meet them le. Maybe going Zouk with Lishi they all, but see how la :)

Ah...Did I ever mention about me helping a colleague do up boards for her in-Q boxes? That's her sideline. She has few in-Q boxes selling accessories that she handmade. Her brand name BabeLittleThings. Here's a pic of the board with her new launched accessories. The brand and the flowers are actually in 3D form. I've made them popout to have 3D effect but seems like its not very visible in her picture here. Its ok la, just to show you people what I've done. :p I've given her a few ideas on making series of accessories. She might probably just use those ideas. Cos personally I feel its always nice to promote your stores via 'linkage' ie from one booth to another. Will help to boost sales at the same time. So why not? Too bad I'm not as talented as her, else I think I'll go full time into this kind of business. Really starting to feel office life is not for me. Its getting boring. But thinkx2, which job is not boring. That's life...

Oh ya. Another thing I'm very curious also. I wonder how many people actually is reading my blog. The counter just keep counting fast. I'm surprised. Can kind souls leave me a comment then I know who's reading? Hehe..just to satisfy my curiousity, nothing much :p THANKS!

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