Sunday, November 04, 2007

Been long since we met

Been long since I last meet up with my best pals. Met MQ before around Sept while W is in Germany. Now that he's back in sgp, we finally meet up again. The feeling is great to catchup with friends and GOSSIP! Haha.. Went Furama Riverfront for buffet lunch. Yum~ Nice..let the picture do the talking then.

This is US! Finally we have a decent photo taken..

The nice food I had...See the sinful deserts? SLURP!!!

The presents W buy for me from Germany, Paris and don't know where...hehe..

Went home after lunch cos both of them have things on. Enjoyed my slow stroll home. I realised the painting at my area is almost done up. Here's a pic also to update my dear bf of the new color scheme. Don't be stunned when you're back in Dec cos I pre-amp you le :p

The monday blues is visiting once again. Going to be a short week for me, 3 working days. But I won't be enjoying at home cos I'll be busy studying for my Sat's quiz...Duhz...I shall look on the bright side that after quiz..GOING FOR BIG FEAST AGAIN! Hehe Mr Chan, you're going to miss a big feast, courtesy from my er jie...hohoho...too bad...YUM~ Booked Tung Lok at Noble House le..Going for ala carte buffet dinner..WOHOO~~~

Ok. Post this blog and go surf some net, wait for my bf to wake up to chat with him for awhile. Til my next post folks..Ciaoz

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