Wednesday, November 28, 2007

been lagging behind time

Hehe..people miss me or not..I reminded me that I have not blogged for long time. Hmmm tired leh, nothing much to blog also. Been busy with work and school. Tired liao le.

Let me see...Sat rot whole day at home sleep, eat, sb, study, study and still study. Why? Because Sun have quiz lor. After Sun's morning quiz, I took bus 14 to Bedok there to meet my friend collect some stuffs. Then head down to bf's house to 'see' his parents. Aunty was at home, chatted with her, then surf net to find information on Macau then I head home le. Nua whole afternoon from 3+pm all the way til midnight then they all come back lor.'s 2 photos from apple strudel shop I had my brunch at..I ate a cheesy pie and mocha latte there.

This photo is the apple strudel I bought. YUMMILICIOUS right? hehe...

Yippeee! Thurs coming..meaning weekend will be here soon too! Yippee! K time to go sleep le. Goto sleep early today to fight a long day tml. Good night to me.

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