Thursday, November 15, 2007

Been busy

Sorry that I havn't been blogging for the past 1 week. Been busy...But let this post be abit lengthy and allow me to give a brief summary of my hectic week starting from last week 7th Nov. Tired also must finish blogging tonight cos Wed and Thur won't be able to chit chat with bf so must updatex2 abit mah..Hehe sorry ah...

7th Nov Wed
Went to work as usual to tackle between work and my SRC plannings for christmas party and family day. Went meet MF and the girls for dinner to listen to her briefing for her ROM on 11th. Then supposed to go Zouk with Lishi and gang, I end up at an Italian wine bar with MF, MH and MH hubby. Hehe had hell lots of fun. Some photos to show here...
See the nice christmas tree outside Raffles City. Again I can't resist temptation to take a snapshot

Snapshot again at Robertson Walk

One of the snack we ordered at that Italian wine bar

Me and my precious gfs since poly ec club times

MF request smoochy from us..

The after effect of 3rd bottle of wine..zzz

8th Nov Thur
Deepavali in Singapore. Wake up in the morning with abit of hangover as I had quite a fair bit of red wine the previous night with the ladies. 3 bottles for 4 pax...hehe..Went Noble House for Tung Lok ala carte buffet with my family. Took a precious family photo which I'll treasure for sure. Ahhh of cos not forgetting some snapshots of the yummy food..

My favourite family photo til date

Some shots of the yummyx2 I had that night..

You must be thinking why take this ugly shot. Its not ugly at all. Its actually VERY meaningful and funny. At least to my family. Want to know why? Hmmm we actually ordered a cold platter, inside have 4 different food (roast duck, soya sauce chicken, octopus and jellyfish)..We order again, 2nd time reduced to just octopus and jellyfish. AND? THEN? We order again, 3RD TIME! This time reduced to just OCTOPUS. Hehe..we all fighting for octopus lor. Imagine the waiter laughing at us..Mummy was so triggered that she laugh til whole face red. Even my daddy also abit crazy that night lor :p

9th Nov Fri
Went dentist appointment at 1130am..then rush home to chat with my dear bf on skype. then study, surf net, study, surf net...Nothing much for Fri cos I busy studying for an open book quiz on sat.

10th Nov Sat
Wake up and find myself without nice I bathe and leave for school. Bought some snacks and end up studying at library. Finished my quiz and go PS meet my family for shopping. Yeah...never read wrongly...INCLUDING my daddy lor..hehe..Rare leh but not for long la. His motive is just to come join us buy his shirt and tie. Haha after that he take my bag home loh. Mummy and my 2 sisters and me continue shopping lor..Fun Fun at Daiso...Fun at Ichiban sushi too..hehe I'm SOOOoooo happy that my mummy is so well entertained lately by my silly jokes and gestures. :p

the silly me with reindeer hairband AT DAISO

my dinner at Ichiban Sushi..abit blur

11th Nov Sun
Went Sentosa attend ex colleague's wedding by the sea. He had his solemnisation by the sea, followed by wedding lunch banquet at Rasa Sentosa. Took shuttle bus back to Causeway Point to collect the shoes I reserved at Charles and Keith. I reach home totally wornout. TIRED ah...

Artistic view? Hehe..I stood at one side to view the solemnisation. Suddenly captivated by this particular view

The far far view of the blissful couple saying their vows

TS had an unique way. He don't have the usual video montage during his lunch but he and his wife handmade an art gallery at the cocktail area. Nice right? Lots of hardwork put in..

The table I'm sitted at. Actually I don't quite enjoy the whole thing. Luckily Yury is there. My Russian ex colleague. Its a pleasure to meet him again and we share about Sgp and Russia's different culture. Can I be a tour guide? Haha..

The couple and me. Notice TS look abit drunk? Well he can't really drink la. Although no hard liquor lor...

12th Nov Mon
So stoned at work. Busy with my project. Busy with SRC christmas planning..Attend my 1st lecture of module A. I STILL REMEMBER HOW TO WORK THOSE QNS lor...hehe DAMN PROUD.

13th Nov Tue
Few achievements. Greatest one is I FOUND MY MOOD TO TEST MY REMOTE! haha a single day effort with 26 issues logged. Hehe...

14th Nov Wed
Whole day of NON PROJECT activity..Do they pay me to work? Or to plan event? wahaaha..Shit! Better keep quiet :X Anyway went concourse and buy christmas tree for office deco. Wohooo we spent close to 400 in total today. Happening lor.. *sweat* Its a gold themed tree. Will post photo once we put the tree up. So excited! Hehe..

15th Nov Thur
Its now officially Thur!!! I've blogged for approx 40min to reach this stage. *eye rolling* Going to sleep after this part. @_@ Got to reach office earlier. Going to have Simplicity Day today. Whole of Philips except DAP. Its going to be a WORK-LESS day. Going to have opening at TP4. Then leave by coach to Holland Club for our day event. Will update again next time.


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