Sunday, October 28, 2007

wkend's over again

Time really passes very fast. ZOOMMMmmm~ and monday is coming...

Went for spa on saturday afternoon, then meet up with my friends for some hotel 'shopping'. Pretty impressed with Furama Riverfront though. My impression of the exterior look is ULTRA LOK...but hor..surprisingly when I enter in, the ballrooms are nicely done up too. Then went off to Vivo to meet a birthday WISE MAN for dinner. Then went to Boat Quay pub.'s the part I want to complain. There's a super un-gentleman guy who play pool with me lor..I don't know him but he's certainly NOT a gentleman because? Because he 'eat back' his own words. He said to me before our game start that he'll play double to end the game. BUT HOR....he DIDN'T lor! My conclusion is HE DON'T WANT TO LOSE TO A GIRL! haha...We both have black ball as last ball on hand, and he did say he play DOUBLE..but he DIDN'T lor.. niaozz niaozzz ren..anyway the birthday wise man was drunk and he just want to sleep. Poor him, but definitely not my doing lor, I still remember he only drink 2 glasses with me lor. Guess my guai guai reputation have vanished! Cos he mentioned 'aiyo, can't tell you can play pool, you can drink, you SO HIONG!' bu ke mao xiang ok...

see ah leow's ears are RED!


leow in wonderland part 1

leow in wonderland part 2

Sunday. Started on the friendship band that my col's daughter asked for. Do for 2 hrs and WTF..havn't finish lor..I just chuck it one side since I won't be going back office til thursday. hehe..Also done up the wrist corsages for MF already. Very very pleased with the outcome. So far this are the nicest in my collection liao le. PROUD SIA...hehe..

What am I doing now? I waiting for my bf to wake up from his beauty sleep and chat abit before I go KO. Actually hor, I'm already tired, Just forcing myself to be awake cos I don't want to miss talking to bf la..hehe..This is really call 'maintaining distance relationship'... Luckily only 3 months, else I think I'll JI MO NAN NAI...wahahaha..someone going to suan me when he read this post liao..hehe..

Tomorrow going SIM at Namly Ave for my Software Testing and Quality Assurance course for 3 days. Yippee~ I've been waiting to attend courses for soooooooo long, finally its my turn! my chance! Going rush back home to bathe and change and da ban abit to go attend wedding dinner at Novotel Clarke Quay. My ex colleague invite de. Hopefully I'll see familiar faces ard. :p

Ok la, end here...Til my next update folks!

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