Tuesday, October 30, 2007


It's Tuesday night in Singapore now. Hmmm miss my bf le. Never chat with him these 2 days on msn. Wonder if his flu is ok already, if he eat healthy food...etc..etc

On external course at SIM for 3 days. Tomorrow is last day. Richard Ball is the speaker for this course. Pretty interesting. Much to my liking. I'm impressed that actually Philips is following much of the IEEE standards lor...To think I still hiam about how lousy are we..etc..but...in actual fact we're actually pretty good, in-line with testing standards. Ain't I supposed to be glad? Anyway 2 photos to show..1 is a 'stealx2' taken photo during the debate. 1 is the tbreak shot...hehe..

And oh...did I ever mention that I'm so fortunate and proud to have a doting mummy who cook meals for all of us at home almost daily? That's maybe the reason why I love home cooked food so much. Can't resist the temptation just now to take a snapshot of my dinner..Yummy isn't it? hehe...

I going sleep early today. Very tired lor...Maybe the class is too interactive that I use too much of my brain cells.. Night night to me :p

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